Donated blood for the first time in years

Last week, there was a table set up in the cafeteria with volunteers seeking people to sign up to donate blood the following week. I used to donate somewhat regularly starting when I was a high school senior through college. I still remember the first time in 1994, and my mother (a nurse, mind you) was extremely upset that I planned to donate blood at a blood drive set up in the high school gymnasium.  She went on and on about how it doesn’t help anybody.

I’m sure I said something teenagerish like, “Whatever, Mom!”

I do remember proceeding throughout college giving blood, but once I began traveling outside of the domestic U.S. for audits, I stopped donating.

So, what the hell, I decided to donate blood again. It wasn’t bad –after all the waiting and answering questions, I did my thing on the tablem. It took about 90 mins out of my day, but it was fine. No medal or pat on the back necessary.

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