At the neighborhood swimming pool

Another hot day this weekend, so I took the kids to the neighborhood pool. The kids wrapped up their swimming classes this summer, so this would be an interesting test to see what they do. Joshua was extremely excited to try out the water slide and the diving board, but I wasn’t too keen on the whole diving board thing — if he had issues swimming there, I would not be able to reach him in that 7-10 foot deep portion of the pool. I can’t swim, so how would I get to him?

After we got to the swimming pool, both kids ran for the water slide, and went down twice. At this point, someone from the pool management company walked over to speak to me while I was in the pool, asking if either of the kids had passed the swim test. Swim test? Apparently, in order for kids (and adults?) to use the slide and diving board, one has to swim from one side of the pool to the other, then tread water for 1 minute. Then you earn a blue dot for your pool pass, and you are “qualified” to use them. Lily was a beginner, but Josh was more than ready to try for it. And you know what? He did it! I was honestly surprised, but also very proud of him.

After Josh’s swim test, both kids found classmates at the pool, and basically hung out with them instead of me. So I got out of the pool, and sat on a pool chair to watch them.

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