I forgot to mention the cat leashes

In all the hub bub this month, I forgot to mention that we bought leashes for the cats. Yes, leashes.

We used to enjoy letting the cats out into our backyard for some sun and to enjoy all the wild animals (read: squirrels and birds) running around are enclosed backyard patio. Sure, it was a little difficult at times to convince the cats to come back inside, but some wrangling often eventually worked. Sadly, that bit of freedom for the cats ended after Scamper (pictured below) decided he’d rather take every opportunity to escape whenever possible. He’s a fat cat, but don’t be deceived. He’ll leap over brick walls and fences, and he refuses to listen or return home. About a year ago, around 5am, he escaped through our back door, ran out into the parking lot, and I spent the next 45 mins chasing him around the lot and the lawns, and all sorts of places. Good cat? Yes. Means well? Yes. Total asshole when he gets outside? Also yes.

How do we let them get some excitement outside, but in a controlled way? Why, cat leashes, of course! I saw these at the local pet store, and for $20 each, they seemed like genius. I can take my cats out for a walk, they get some fresh air, I get some peace of mind, someone films me walking my cats, it goes viral, and I become filthy rich from all the publicity. Win-win, situation.

In the late afternoon on Father’s Day, we broke open the leashes, and attempted to outfit one on Toasty, but he didn’t like it, and ran off. We got the leash on Scamper, verified it was secure, and took Scamper out into the backyard. He immediately tried to bolt out the yard (jerk), but I had him by the leash this time. Boom, snapped right back. He tried to bolt two more times, then gave up and laid down under a bush. And that was it. He lay there for another 20 mins, doing nothing. He wouldn’t walk around, he wouldn’t sniff. He gave up…. on life?

I got fed up on waiting for him, as I was getting bitten by early evening mosquitoes, so I picked up this limp pancake of a cat, and walked him back inside. Wow. Without the ability to escape, he gave up all reason to live. After all we’ve done for him, he just wants to get away. In the picture below, he’s not tired. I put him down, and you can actually see the despair and lost of will in his eyes.

What a jerk.

Cat leash, or did I hunt and capture a wild cat?

Cat leash, or did I hunt and capture a wild cat?

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2 Responses to I forgot to mention the cat leashes

  1. hot air ballon says:

    what a jerk?? sounds like you are the one who is a jerk. i mean how does this look to him? he can’t do anything else in his life. his whole purpose is to run free in the wild. so don’t be blaming him. i know we mean well for our cats because keeping them indoors is much better for their health- it is like having little kids- even though they want to run out and enjoy this world, they can’t. they have to be controlled. so quit calling him a jerk- i feel bad for the animal. it feels like jail to them so u should sympathise with them.

  2. Joel says:

    Yeah, so I was being sarcastic. Thanks for catching that.

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