A weekend in Philly – Sunday

50% of our weekend was already over. How the weekend was flying by, but I didn’t want to think about it!

We had a slightly lazy morning, but eventually got everyone dressed, suitcases packed, zoo (and parking) tickets purchased online, stomachs full of breakfast, and out the door around 10:30am. We hit a nearby Wawa to buy our lunches, in order to avoid being fleeced at the zoo like the last time in May 2008. My sister had to work, so it was just Robbie and Abby along for the ride. We battled the traffic, found parking in one of the lots, and walked to the Philadelphia Zoo. We basically walked in a straight line for two hours, then found a empty table to have lunch. We walked around some more, tried to stay cool. We called it a day around 4pm. It was a long weekend, the heat was getting to us, and I think we were ready to get home.  We walked back to the parking lot, said our goodbyes, and drove home. No issues getting home, and the cats were happy to see us again.

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