Lily’s Spring Sing end of year program

Lily Spring Sing 2012

Lily Spring Sing 2012

In the past few years, the day care center our kids went to (and Lily still attends) puts together an end of the year show for parents and extended families. You buy tickets, they put on the show at a local school, each class puts on a small dance performance, there are cupcakes at the end, what more could you ask for? We sat through the other classes, and then I ran up to the front row with my little old Flip camera to record. The video is below for your viewing pleasure. Please ignore all of the annoying people who kept getting in my line of sight. I did my best to avoid them.

The rest of the program was fine, but we didn’t stay for the kindergarten graduation ceremony. The kids grabbed their cupcakes, and we walked home.

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