Final Fantasy for iOS

Two years ago, Apple was running a sale on Final Fantasy 1 and 2 in the iTunes store. These were new ports of the original 1980’s 8-bit Nintendo NES / Famicom home video games. I remember way back when my sister and I would sit in my bedroom of the old house (I had a small tv), and we we played Nintendo games together, including Final Fantasy 1 in 1990. So, I bought just the first game — I can always buy the sequel later.

I’ve been playing off and on for the past year, whenever I had some time. I stopped for a long while, but I’ve recently been on a tear, rocking through the remaining 75% of the game in a matter of weeks. Sometimes at home, or often on the train. I’m actually up to the big baddie at this point, but I’m not quite ready to wrap it all up.

Apparently, in this iOS version, it includes enhancements from earlier Dawn of Souls remakes, including five new dungeons featuring some new monsters, some old, new weapons, and new superbosses. Many of these new items and enemies originated in later Final Fantasy editions, such as Final Fantasy V. Go figure. They’re definitely more difficult than the original game, and include some very strange dungeon levels, like a mermaid village, dancing women, and even a sunken town.

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