We enrolled Josh in a swimming class

Last year, we wanted Josh to learn how to swim. Last summer, we signed him up for some swimming lessons / course at summer camp. Unfortunately, it was more of a weekly session where the camp counselors take the kids to a pool, and just whatever happens. The kids who can swim go swimming, and the kids who don’t know how to swim stand along the edges in the pool. There was no actual instruction, so that was frustrating to us. This year, my wife thankfully pushed us to find some money and register Joshua for personalized swimming classes. Every Saturday(and by every Saturday, I mean twice now), we take him to a nearby hotel that has a swimming pool. I’m a little unclear on the arrangement, but apparently the swim club organization rents out usage of the pool, and they have a slate of kids come in for individualized swimming classes on Saturdays. For 30 minutes, Josh gets individualized attention to teach him how to swim.

I hope everything works out, and he becomes the first Ipe to learn how to swim. We’re signing up Lily for individualized swimming lessons in a different program sometime in June. If the kids learn, then hey, maybe the grownups will take some swimming classes next year too.

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