Now witness the firepower of this fully ARMED and OPERATIONAL home office!

My new Dell 2412s have arrived

My new Dell 2412s have arrived. Let the unboxing begin!

Bask in its glory, why don’t you? Go ahead, I’ll wait. It’s glorious, isn’t it?

A little background history: In 2003, I started to long for a better desk. I had this crappy OfficeMax desk, but it was neither wide enough nor long enough to accomodate what I wanted to do. Seriously, 2003. I had my eye on this IKEA Yerker desk that he rroommate had. It wasn’t perfect, but it was interesting. However, I didn’t pull the trigger. The hunt continued. Late last year, I found the Vika Amon build-your-own-table model at IKEA, and I was intrigued. A simple large, wide table, customizable, with legs of your choosing, at a reasonable price? That’s all I’m looking for. This week, we got it. So far, very spacious, with room for docking both devices and cats.

In addition, I started thinking about getting a widescreen HD LCD monitor for the office. While I liked my 19″ Dell LCD was so much more compact compared to my old CRT, 19″ monitors are so 2005. I wanted big. Late last year, I started considering the benefits of two monitors. Dual desktop screens, working on one, watching tv and movies on the other. True multitasking. It took a few more months, but my wife bought them for my birthday. I set up them tonight, and they’re just fantastic. Two 24″ Dell U2412 HD monitors.

You can weep now.

Not quite done yet, though. Next on the list is a wireless keyboard, wireless mouse, and an HD webcam. I’ve narrowed all three down to specific Logitech products, but I’ll need to space those purchases out this year.

My almost-revamped home office

My almost-revamped home office

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