Date Night in New Brunswick

I loves me a good date night. It’s not easy to get one scheduled, because you need someone to watch the kids. We hired a babysitter to watch the kids to tonight.

Namita’s office scheduled a company outing of sorts for dinner and a show for employees and significant others. It was dinner at The Stress Factory, followed by the 8:30pm show, all in New Brunswick. Once the babysitter got to our house, I gave some instructions, ordered pizza, and then I was off to New Brunswick to meet everyone and have dinner.

I’d never been to the Stress Factory before. The food was okay, and I made conversation with some folks. The show started with a short set by the host/owner? Vinnie Brand. After that, comedian Mark Normand came to the stage to open, and I thought he was pretty good. Finally, the headliner for tonight, Amy Schumer, came up. She was interesting. She was raunchy, she was blunt, and she was interesting. Most of the people at our table were laughing. Most. I guess you can’t pleas everyone.

Our digital camera was dead, and the charger could not be found. We could have gotten a photo with both Normand and Schumer, but my wife wasn’t interested (it was getting late.) I hate when we don’t get a chance to document this kind of event. Big date night, dinner, drinks, comedy, and no camera.


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