SharePod 3.9.8 saved me. God bless the Internet.

I believe Apple iTunes does strange things, and I almost lost my music for a third time.

I remember years ago when my Dell Dimension was new, I had some strange issue with Apple iTunes where 130+ songs disappeared. Very odd. A few months later, I happened to find them in the Recycle Bin of all places. I considered myself lucky that it hadn’t been cleared. In 2006 when my Dell’s original hard drive failed after a year, my friend Plex was able to recover my data, and I also used this Red Chair Software product called Anapod Explorer to copy songs from my iPod back to my PC. It worked like a charm.

Well, I just had incident #3 this week. I thought I was conscientious. I backed up my data to the external drive, and then copied it to the new machine. Sometime this week, 76 songs couldn’t be located on either the primary HDD or the external. However, they were still on the iPhone. Weird.

I tried installing the old Anapod software to transfer it back, but it wouldn’t work. I went to the Red Chair Software website for tech support, and it appears they went out of business. I did download their latest (and last) version, but it doesn’t work either.

I was flummoxed.

I googled some more, but I didn’t want to buy more software. Eventually, I found some freeware called SharePod. I downloaded SharePod 3.9.8, and it saved me. God bless the Internet.

SharePod v3.9.8

SharePod v3.9.8

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3 Responses to SharePod 3.9.8 saved me. God bless the Internet.

  1. Chirag Shah says:

    You, my friend, need to join the cloud. All of my music is currently stored on Google Music. No backup required and it’s almost instantly accessible on my Mac, work PC, and all my other devices.

  2. Joel says:

    Chirag, I think you’re right.

  3. Jim says:

    Since you have an iphone, check out itunes match. i like it. i use that for my iphone and amazon cloud for my android phone. i got on amazon’s cloud when they were offering unlimited music storage. not sure if they still offer it.

    otherwise, google music works well too. their webpage on the iphone looks just like the android app.

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