My first ever Onam party

Our friends Sunil & Ligy hosted an Onam party at their house Saturday night. Onam is what I refer to as the “Malayalee Thanksgiving” because I believe it’s some sort of harvest festival celebrated in the southern Indian state of Kerala. You have to dress up in traditional clothes, eat on the floor, with your hand, off of a banana leaf. It’s all very cultural.

I, of course, being some sort of ABCD, do not celebrate the wonders of Onam, nor do I eat off of banana leaves with my hands. Call me a heathen, but we’re way past my comfort zone. Still, I’m generally up for almost anything. It was a good time, but I was the lone exception when it came to dining. I dressed up, but I was happy to sit on a chair, eat my dinner on a plate, with a fork. I was also happy to change into my regular street clothes after all the requisite group pictures were done!

Sample picture below, but I’ll work on getting others in my hands and posted for your Onam-viewing pleasure.


I'm all dressed up in a mundo

Update: A big thank you to Sunil for sharing his pictures from the party. I’ve published select photos to the 2011 September Photos gallery.
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