Delaware Vacation Day 4 – work & pool

Ok, the day didn’t start very relaxing, but it got there by the afternoon. My wife and I still had some leftover work to wrap up on. She and I both hung out in different rooms to fire off additional emails and make phone calls in the morning, while the kids sat in their room to watch tv. This would terrible for the kids, but they seemed to be enjoying the novelty of watching Sesame Street in their bedroom on separate beds. The novelty!

In the afternoon, I made us all lunch (sandwiches), then I took Lily on a small run to the nearest sports store. You see, I apparently snore. I’ve been using this mouth guard plastic thing to keep my air passages open when I sleep, which isn’t the most comfortable way to sleep, but it helps keep the peace in the bedroom. Of course, I forgot it Monday. The good news is that I found a sports store in Dagsboro that carries them, so I took Lily along on my outing. Mission accomplished, so we all hit the pool. The water was a little good, but let’s call it “refreshing.”

We just came back from briefly checking out the situation at Bethany Beach, and the good news is that the beach is in good shape. Tonight, the evening promises to bring old episodes of Tiny Toons and Ducktales after dinner.

Checking out Bethany Beach

Checking out Bethany Beach

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