Delaware Vacation Day 2 – Weathering the storm

Ah, nothing like weathering a rainy day from inside your own house. We’re on day 2 of our “beach vacation”, watching the wind blow and the rain come down, safely and comfortably from inside our house. The storm was pretty bad last night, and knocked a free in the neighborhood. Most of the rain seems to have stopped for now, so I made a run to 7-Eleven this morning to get coffee for my wife. Thankfully, we had no leaks or flooding in our house, nor did we lose power. We are both thankful and relieved.

Today, no big plans to go outside. We’re staying inside, doing laundry, cleaning up the house, and packing for the trip. We expect to leave tomorrow morning, and the weather looks to be sunny and 80 degrees the rest of the week!

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