Life during our first two weeks with the kittens

I had forgotten the amount of energy bundled up in kittens. We’ve had the two kittens for almost  two weeks now. Some random thoughts and updates:

  • We’ve more or less settled on names now. The brown kitten is Toasty, and the brown/white kitten is Scamper, or as Lily refers to them, “TOE-stee and SCAM-puh.” Why does she have an accent?
  • There is a lot of energy in those two kittens. I’m glad we got two kittens (and they’re also brothers.) Although it’s a bit more work, they can play with each other and keep each other company. My previous cat was a lot lonelier, and I believe that contributed to her behavioral problems later on.
  • My wife made a joke, and I’ll quote her, because I think it’s both funny and true: “Having Josh, Lily, and two kittens is like having Josh and three Lilys.” All three act the same — cute but always getting into something.
  • We bought a nice pet bed for these two, yet I’ve only caught them napping in there once. Most of the time, they sleep anywhere they want. I’ve seen them sleep on the basement stairs, the tops of the couch and loveseat, the tv stand, behind the subwoofer, on a box in our basement, and even on the floor next to the pet bed. Dammit, that pet bed cost us money. Oh well, maybe they will grow into it one day.
  • They’re really cute, and each has their own personality. Toasty has a lot of energy and loves to hunt. He will keep chasing and chasing his prey. Scamper loves to play too, and he’s more likely to jump at his prey from a 45 degree angle. Toasty has taken to sleeping on/under the tv stand, and Scamper loves to cuddle. He’s certainly a cuddler.

So far, it’s been good.

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