Milestone alert – I’m down to 186 lbs

Here’s a milestone for ya — guess who doesn’t have 20 lbs under his belt? Me. I weighed myself this past Monday, and I was thrilled to be down to 188 lbs, which means I’d lost 18 lbs so far this year. I haven’t had a chance to work out at the gym this week, due to family scheduling issues these past few weeknights. As the weekend is coming up, I decided to weigh myself, and witness the damage a week of inactivity (but still behaving on my diet) had wrecked on my weight loss. Expecting the worse, I was pleasantly surprised to find the scales balancing at 186 lbs.

Two more pounds this week? Four pounds since last week? That’s brilliant, mates! Six more to go to make my doctor happy, and 16 more to reach my personal target weight. Gym and the bicycle this weekend, so let the good times roll.

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