I’m down to 190 lbs

190 lbs? Really?

Last week, I realized that I’m driving myself myself a little bonkers by weighing myself every other day. It was supposed to be weekly, but I started to obsesses and checky myself too often. I didn’t take into the fact that body weight will fluctuate 2-4 lbs even within the same day. When I last weighed myself, I was 192 lbs. I swore that I wouldn’t check again until June 1st. I forgot June 1st, but remembered around lunch time today. I was rather worried that my weight had stayed constant or increased during the past seven days. I have only worked out once (last Wed May 25th) since the MS Bike event, and that is the usual recipe for me to gain weight, even with dieting.

It isn’t that I lost interest in working out after the ride was over. I’ve been busy at work, my knee has been hurting since running on the treadmill last Wednesday, and my body has been feel pretty tired overall. I was motivated, but my body needed rest. Knowing all of these factors, I was pleasantly surprised to find myself two hairs north of 190 lbs.

Wow, 190 lbs. That’s net loss of 16 lbs since February. Cool. Maybe by August, I can lose another 10 lbs, and be down to my circa-2005 weight. Wouldn’t that be something?

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