Big announcement – We had kittens

So…….. we had kittens today.

What, really? Yes, it was a bit of a strange fiasco. After seeing the kittens the week earlier, I submitted an adoption application to the animal hospital on Saturday, expecting to hear back on Monday. Monday comes and go, no word. I call them on Tuesday, and I eventually am told that our adoption application was denied. Denied??? Why? No information, but they’ll talk to the person in charge. Okay, tell me tomorrow.

Wednesday, Thursday, and most of Friday, I hear nothing. Finally, I get a call back on Friday, and it turns out that they misunderstood some responses I wrote on the application. I can understand that, but instead of outright denying an application, shouldn’t they pick up the phone and ask? Long story short, we got approved, and we could come check out the kittens on Monday evening (today.)

With all that was going on today, it was busy, but we all made it. One of the three remaining kittens had already been adopted, so these were the two left. We had a small room to play with them, and it was fine. We decided to adopt them, and we had an hour to split up and pick up additional cat supplies from the pet store, clean the basement out, and for the nurses to administer some additional vaccinations. At 7:50 pm, I was back (with cash and a cat carrier), to bring them home. 

Right now, so far so good, but kittens really are like toddlers. Lot of supervision is required. They’re cute, though. No names yet.

Kitten #1

Kitten #1

Kitten #2

Kitten #2

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