My day before the Bike MS ride

I accomplished most of the items on my checklist for today:

  • I made the lunches and dropped off the kids to school.
  • I fit in some additional office work in.
  • I went to see my ophthalmologist, got my eye exam, and picked up some new trial contact lenses.
  • My wife and I enjoyed a brief but fulfilling lunch at the mall Chick-fil-A.
  • I went got the 15K mile servicing on the car that needed an oil change. Eh, why not. I was putting it off all this time anyway.
  • I got my haircut. My wife likes it, so I think I’ll keep it all year round.
  • Returned some almost late library books.
  • Picked up the kids, and made the dinner. Okay, it was leftovers, but waste not, want not.
  • We had a movie night and watched the Pixar animated film Up.
  • I picked out all my stuff for tomorrow.

The only stuff left to do is go over the paperwork in the morning.

My race-ready streamlined haircut

My race-ready streamlined haircut

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