I got my new (and first) official cycling eyewear

I have a terrible confession to make. I’ve been secretly “slumming it” on my bike by using unofficial cycling eyewear. I know, I know, I want to vomit too. 😉 I’ve never been one for fancy-shmancy sunglasses, as I’ve always been fairly happy to slum it with the cheap $8 ones you find at kiosks. Whenever I hit the road on my bike, I wear the same pair of sunglasses.

I thought, for a change, let me pick up a decent and somewhat inexpensive pair of eyewear specifically made for sports, including cycling. I found a decent $30 pair over at Performance Bike, and they appeared to fit the bill. Nice large frame to help keep the wind and dirt out of my eyes, interchangeable lenses for varying light conditions, and they’re grey. I like grey.

I tried them out today on a quick 70-minute ride, and they were good. This pair of Scattante (Performance Bike’s in-house brand) also comes with a case and cleaning wipe.

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