Have I reached my first plateau at 194 lbs?

It’s been nearly a week, and I’m apparently stuck at 194 lbs. Have I reached a plateau? For those unaware, in fitness terms, weight loss can halt at certain stages, which can be frustrating. From what I’ve learned, it happens because your body has noticed the fat loss. It likes its fat, so the metabolism adjusts to counteract your attempts to deprive it of the ‘safety net.’

When one reaches a plateau, the remedy is to switch it up — change the diet and the exercise you do. I don’t know if o have hit an actual plateau, but I was shedding the fat fairly consistently doing what I was doing. This past week, nothing has changed. I will have to put some thought into how I can adjust

I wanted to get down to 190 before Saturday big ride, but I find it highly unlikely at this point. I don’t want to get discouraged, because 194 is a lot lighter than I’ve been in years. Literally, years. It is Wednesday, and I have two more workouts (Wed and Fri), so I can continue to watch my diet and get some good cardio done in the next few days. Still, this plan of getting healthier has already worked. I’m lighter and healthier.

Furthermore, this isn’t a sprint, but a lifelong marathon. I am trying to hit my goal of 170 by Dec, but even after, I need to continue to be healthy for the next 65 years. I don’t think I could ever go back to eating unhealthy on a regular basis again. Fries and ice cream every once in a while after I reach my target weight? Absolutely! By then, I’ll have plenty of buffer. Still, I won’t be doing it every day like I used to. I wont be eating portions for two people. I’ve learned too much. Those days are over.

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