Lily’s 3rd birthday party

Lily's 3rd birthday party

Lily's 3rd birthday party

Phew! April 2nd marks the end of the kids’ birthday parties for this year. We closed it out with Lily’s birthday party at Junglerrrific, and it was great party. I was happy that we didn’t have to do much except to show up with a cake, and then pay for the event. For the kids who showed up, I believe everyone had a great time. I published the photos last night.

I’ve already expressed my frustration with the lack of responses from people. My wife and I have sworn off any major parties for the daycare classmates next year, as it’s just not worth the aggravation. We spoke to other parents in the classroom, and they’ve experienced the same lack of involvement. My favorite anecdotes from this event were:

  1. The three families who said they would attend, but were then no-shows. Thanks for nothing.
  2. The family who brought a sibling without asking. You know, we’re paying by the child here.
  3. The folks who showed up 5 mins before the main party ended, and then their children cried because playtime was over. Good job.
  4. The parent who had never responded, then after my wife saw her at the supermarket the next day, said she left a note at school on Friday that her daughter couldn’t attend. Yeah, I checked, and there was no note, liar. Also, you couldn’t respond via the phone number or email address that was provided on the invite or the reminder? Really? Too tough for you?
  5. The parent who called me Saturday morning, and asked me if the party was still on. I replied, “Uh, yes, the party is still on.” Of course, they were a no-show as well.

Next year, I just want to do a party for a small group of their friends, and leave it at that. Smaller, yet higher quality. We don’t want to host any more parties, then try to twist the arms of ungrateful people to convince them to attend. The parties are not for the parents. The parties are for the kids to get together and have fun.

It was a party for our monkey.

It was a party for our monkey.

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  1. num says:

    I love ranting Joel.

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