Joshua spent his Spring Break with me

Josh on his Spring Break 2011

Josh on his Spring Break 2011

With Josh’s first year in public school, we now get hit with all these holidays and breaks. This never happened when he was attending school in daycare. So while he benefits from many days off, his parents need to find out what to do.

In these situations, either one of us stays home with him, or I take him to the backup daycare center at my office. This week, he came to the office with me from Monday through Thursday. I think he had a decent time each day at the backup daycare center, and I took him out for lunch every day. I hope he understands why I get stressed out trying to get everyone out the door each morning, as he noted that I have “a long time” in the car to get to work, as well as traffic each way. One can only hope. In any case, I hope he had a good time hanging out with me for a week.

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