I went to a funeral in Rockland, and then drove through my old neighborhood

Pic of my childhood home

Pic of my childhood home

I attended a funeral for a distant relative who passed away from leukemia. We used to go to church together, but that church later disbanded. I haven’t seen the family in years, and was not aware that the father was battling cancer. After the funeral, I decided to spend a few mins to drive through my old neighborhood, see the old haunts, and maybe even check out my old house. I haven’t been to the old town since October 2008, but I had gone directly to a restaurant to meet the old classmates.

The old house looked the same, except for some minor cosmetic changes, including changing a tree, a new deck, and new shutters. The old neighborhood had seen some major changes, where I noticed that some of the small houses had been replaced with these gargantuan homes that filled the lot. New playground equipment at the local park too, but my old barber Tony could still be found cutting hair at his barber shop. Some things never change.

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