My first spin class and registering for the 2011 MS Bike Tour

I’ve participated twice now in the Multiple Sclerosis Society – NJ Metro Chapter’s “Coast the Coast” bike tours down the Jersey shore. It’s a great event, you help raise funds for charity, and you feel good about yourself. Last year was the first time I worked with a team (Team CentraState, associated with the hospital and gym) to raise mone collectively. That was a particularly nice experience, since I made new friends of sorts. I would use the word “camaraderie.”

This year, I figured why not, let’s do it again. However, I need to get in shape.

  1. I hate being this overweight.
  2. It’s harder to pull all my extra weight on the road.
  3. Did I mention I hate being this overweight?

I’ve decided to do this weight-loss thing for real. The office campus gym is nice, but I never get to go. No late hours, I never get to the office early enough, and no weekend hours. And no cycling classes. Time for a real gym, which is when I used to lose weight, back when I was a member of my local NYSC. I looked at two gyms — CentraState Wellness (where the cycling team is affiliate and are members) and Gold’s Gym (which is cheaper and closer to my house.) If I join a real gym, pay actual money, regularly attend spin classes, and have a big cycling event to get in shape for, I believe these are all excellent motivators to help me lose weight. Long term, I want to be fit, and I’m afraid of contracting some terrible disease like diabetes if I don’t take care of myself.

Today, Team CentraState bike tour members were participating in a free spin class at CentraState itself. Instead of being lazy and chilling out at home on a Saturday morning,  I drove over there, and got in with a free pass. This was my first spin class, and it’s certainly exhausting. My rear still aches, but I suppose it’ll get better.

Afterwards, I took a tour of the CentraState facilities itself. While it’s very nice, it’s also very expensive, and not very convenien for me geographically. Part of the appeal of any gym is its accessibility. I’m checking out Gold’s Gym tomorrow. I like the idea of being at CentraState, but 25 mins to get to the gym for a workout? Oye ve.

By the way, after working out, I went to check out the health fair they had going on in the lobby. The MS Society had a registration table, so I registered…. for the 85 mile tour! I planned initially to do just the 50 again (3rd time in a row), but one of my friends on the team is apparently doing the 85 mile ride from Monmouth University to Tuckertown. I’m apprehensive, but honestly, I don’t want her to show me up. If she’s brave enough for an 85 mile Bataan death ride, then so am I. All the more reason to start getting in shape now.

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