First two weeks with the Apple iPhone 4

It has been about 2.5 weeks since I upgraded to the iPhone 4. What’s the verdict so far?

  1. I haven’t had any complaints about the call quality or reception.
  2. I had issues with the iFrogz case and the screen protector. The screen protector keeps allowing bubbles underneath and corners slowly unpeel if i jostle the case. Annoyed by this, I’m temporarily living dangerously without one. I’m being very careful though. I have one more screen protector, but I’m wondering what to do.
  3. I like handset’s striking design. It’s nice and thin.
  4. I haven’t installed a million apps, but the the few apps I’ve installed, such as Moviefone and iRentmovie (for managing the Netflix queue) are nice. Finally, apps that I can use.
  5. The performance in the iPhone is snappy and much faster than my 1st gen iPod Touch.
  6. The battery life does decrease during the day (duh), but it will last me the entire day of moderate usage until after I get home. I’ve implemented power-saving measures — turning on and off wi-fi and Bluetooth, reducing push notifications and GPS usage.
  7. The screen is awfully nice.
  8. I may need a true navigation app for the iPhone. Google Maps on the iPhone is nice and all, but it doesn’t give you audible notifications for each turn, nor does it provide an update ETA during your trip. I used it over Thanksgiving weekend, and a real GPS app would have been useful.
  9. The iPhone is truly a data hog. As a BlackBerry user, I used to be on the 200 Mb plan for $15 on AT&T. As I’d heard the iPhone is a data hog, I decided to temporarily upgrade my data plan to the 2 Gb data plan for $4 more. Wow, good decision. In two weeks, I’ve used nearly 1 Gb of of my data quota. I’m not watching movies or surfing the internet at work, so I have no idea how the iPhone is devouring this much data on its own. Whenever I’m at home, I turn on the wi-fi if I have to check Facebook or check the internet. I think I’ll be keeping the 2 Gb data plan.
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