Josh lost his first tooth

Big milestone today — Josh lost his first tooth. He has (had) two loose teeth for the past few weeks, but we discovered last night during dinner one was very loose. We figured it would fall out in the next day or two. Right after lunch time today, Josh said it fell out while he was playing at the gym. He’s keeping it in a little “treasure chest” they gave him at school.

What a smile!

What a smile!

My wife and I are still a bit stunned. These past five years with Josh and Lily have gone by so fast. They were so small not that long ago, and now my son is going to elementary school and lost his first tooth. It’s mind-boggling. I went through some old video of Joshua, and comparing him then and now. The embedded video below is from April 2007 after he turned two years old.

Reading part 1 – April 2007 from Joel Ipe on Vimeo.

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