Josh’s last soccer game of the season

October 30th was Josh’s last regular season soccer practice game. Two months went awfully fast, and I’m glad my wife signed him up for it. It was a good experience for him to play a sport for the first time with other boys his age. Below is a picture of the team taken a few weeks earlier. It was an interesting experience on my part. I was officially a parent taking my kid to his weekend games, rooting for my son to kick the ball across the field, and trying my best to be encouraging when he made mistakes. I think it was also fun for him to interact with some of the boys from his kindergarten class on the weekends.

We’ve decided to have him stick with soccer. In two months, he’ll start in indoor soccer. We felt that it’s good for him to continue building up his motor skills at this age, and to have fun outside the house.

Josh's 2010 Soccer Team Group Photo

Josh's 2010 Soccer Team Group Photo

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