Joshua is playing soccer

Joshua in his soccer gear

Joshua in his soccer gear

Many moons ago, I was interested in playing pee-wee football, but as soon as my folks found out that practices & games were Sunday mornings, football was off the table. Why? We’d have to miss church. Ah well, begin the sour grapes — I probably wouldn’t have been any good at football at that age.

Fast forward to July/August 2010, and my wife and I are debating what type of sports or gym classes we should put Joshua in. In the past, we’d enrolled him in Saturday morning gym classes, but wanted something different to keep him interested, and to further develop his motor skills. My wife discovered that our local Police Athletic League (PAL) runs a number of sports activities, such as soccer and baseball.

Neither of us are actually soccer fans, but sometimes you gotta sacrifice for the kids. Wait a minute, sacrifice sometimes? Try 90% of the time! Regardless, we signed him up for soccer practices on most weekends. He’s on a specific team, he needs gear, but no away-type games at this age. It’s all about learning the skills. There was a short-lived concern — they didn’t have enough coaches for all the teams. Luckily, we have coaches for all the teams now.

Fast forward to last Thursday. We made an evening trip to our local Dick’s Sporting Goods in Freehold to buy supplies. Shorts, shin guards, socks, and cleats.

Joshua's first soccer practice

Joshua's first soccer practice

Fast forward to now. I’m sitting here in my outdoor folding chair, watching Josh’s 2nd practice. They had a practice yesterday — 30 mins of lessons and practicing, then one team plays another team in a 30 min game. Most parents bring a folding lawn chair for the hour.

So far, he likes soccer. That’s good.

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