My road bike is back

After a long week and a half, I picked up my bicycle today. It’s not perfect, as I ordered a new rear wheel, but delivery on the wheel has been delayed. Maybe next week. In the meantime, I got the rest of the work done, new spoke on the rear wheel, and they’ll put the new rear wheel later on for no additional charge.

The work I got done:

  • Retaped the handlebars with new handlebar tape, so I’ll have more cushion for my hands.
  • Replaced the broken rear spoke.
  • Two new tires and a replacement tube.

While I was at the shop, I spoke to one of the guys there that I don’t like the clipless pedals that I have on there now. They aren’t wide enough to provide enough foot support, and my shoes aren’t so great anymore. Guess what they told me? Those pedals are more suited for mountain biking! I asked why the guy that I bought them from at the bike shop (Diamond Cycle) would recommend them. I was getting infuriated, thinking I was hoodwinked. However, he told me that those might suggested for someone learning clipless pedals for the first time. I harrumped, but was partly mollified.

Okay, so I wasn’t hoodwinked, but I want real road pedals and shoes. I don’t want to be out there struggling with the wrong gear, making my ride unecessarily more difficult. I browsed the pedals and shoes, but decided to hold off after consulting my wife. New shoes and pedals would run me another $250. Add in today’s repair bill, and I’m looking at nearly $500 flying out the door today.

Hmmmm, maybe next month then.

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