Midwest Roadtrip Day 7 – Greenfield Village, Coneys, and a Adult Nite Out

This afternoon, we took a drive to Greenfield Village out in Dearborn, Michigan. Associated with the Henry Ford Museum, it’s basically a demonstration village of old-time glass-blowing, workshops, etc. They have some landmark buildings there, such as Edison’s lab. There is also a working steam locomotive, and you can buy tickets to go around the village.


American Coney Island, Detroit, Michigan

Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see too much of the village. After we initially arrived, we checked out glassmaker shop and a workshop, then caught the 2:52pm train to go around the village. About 3:20pm, it began to rain cats and dogs, and folks around us outside were running to their cars. We finished the train ride by arriving at our original stop, and then ended up calling it a day. No fun walking around a colonial village in a downpour. Sigh, oh well. After we made it to the car, we drove down into Detroit to eat at American Coney Island. Decent place, but you better like hot dogs or fries.

In the evening, we briefly visited friends Anil & Naysha (and kids) at their house. Our kids had a good time playing with other people’s toys.

When we got back to the house, the babysitter had arrived, and we all got ready for a night out in Royal Oak. We had dinner and drinks at the BlackFinn restaurant, then hit another spot for drinks where Paul’s cousin Tom was deejaying that night. I think we got home around 3am.

Anil, Paul, Biji

Anil, Paul, Biji

Nums, me, Sean

Nums, me, Sean

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