Midwest Roadtrip Day 2 – Rosemont, Illinois

Ah, finally, Chicago! Or at least we saw Chicago, but we’re staying in the ‘burbs.

On the road this afternoon after chilling out in the hotel room, then had a nice lunch at a nearby Steak ‘n Shake. Last night’s rain gave way to sunny skies, but it was pouring rain tonight as we skirted Chicago.

Going for a ride @ the Hilton Doubletree

Going for a ride @ the Hilton Doubletree

The drive was decent through the western half of Ohio and throughout Indiana. We made a minimal pit stops, hoping to keep the momentum. I tried to get Josh to go to the bathroom at an Indiana rest area, but he refused. He has a tendency not to go to the restroom until the last possible moment, then he’s dancing around doing the pee-pee dance.

Lo and behold, stuck in traffic on I-94 outside of Chicago, rain pouring down, and his legs were shaking. I look at him, and ask him if he has to go to the bathrorom. He shakes his head yes. Was he even going to say anything? I’m going to have to remember this during my speech at his wedding. We pulled off the highway using the nearest exit, attempted to stop at a Home Depot, but they wouldn’t let us through a particular entrance. We went around the next block, and found a Best Buy. Nums pulled up to the main entrance, I jumped out into the pouring rain, grabbed Josh, and carried him over my shoulder into the Best Buy. The friendly greeter pointed us towards the restrooms, and we made it just in time. Lucky break!

We sat in traffic for another hour, but eventually made it to our hotel — a Residence Inn in Rosemont, IL, which is just outside O’Hare airport. We wanted to stay in downtown Chicago, but we couldn’t find a hotel suite with two bedrooms and bathrooms. About 9 years ago, we’d been to this hotel before for a CSI youth get-together, so hey, full-circle. What we liked about the hotel is that we could have two bedrooms (and two bathrooms), with a shared living room. This way, we could hang out without worrying about watching the kids. This would be more fun, and better logistically too.

Ourr friends Paul & Biji arrived an hour later, and we walked over to a nearby IHOP for dinner.

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