Jay & Aimee’s Wedding

The primary reason we had to come home in one day yesterday was so we could attend Jay & Aimee’s wedding. On Saturday morning, Nums had a church meeting to attend, so I dropped off the kids to my sister-in-law. Nums came home, got dressed up, and went to the wedding. By the time I got home, I dressed up, and went to the wedding reception. What was cool about this wedding is that it was certainly the closest in proximity in our entire lives. It took place at a Holiday Inn in the same town we live in. We literally had a 5 min drive. How amazing is that?

The wedding reception was small, intimate, and very nice. That’s all I can really say. Oh, and congratulations Jay and Aimee!

Jay & Aimee's Wedding, July 31st 2010

Jay & Aimee's Wedding, July 31st 2010

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