The weird exercise videos that are available and pandering to women

It’s amazing the weird stuff you can find on the television at odd hours of the night. Have you flipped the channels recently? There is some strange stuff out there. I’m most stupified by the themed exercises on tv or for purchase. I suppose that most people are not inclined to work out on their own, so they need some gimmick to motivate them? From what I’ve seen of these two examples, I’m uncertain about the aerobic qualities.

Exhibit #1 – Bollywood Dance Workout

This is a show actually on during the weekday. I was flipping channels and stumbled onto this in the onscreen guide. Does this help you lose weight? I’ve seen plenty of fat Indians dancing bhangra at wedding receptions, so I have my doubts. And who is losing weight and getting toned from that “mouth” exercise?

Exhibit #2 – Flirty Girl Fitness — Pole Dancing Workout

I saw this commercial while watching Hostel on the Chiller channel. I love how one of the exercises featured in the tv commercial reinterprets guys in the club dancing and pretending to be spanking some woman in the midst of intercourse. And erotic dancing on a chair? Best is the pole dancing workout, as seen below. A “fitness pole”? If you walked into someone’s house, and you saw a stripper pole in the living room, your first thought is, “Oh, I wonder who is doing Flirty Girl Fitness?!”


On second thought, I should buy this for my wife as an early Christmas gift “for my wife.”

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