NBC’s new comedy “Outsourced” is based on the 2006 indie film “Outsourced”

In the aftermath of the Jay Leno primetime debacle, television network NBC is on the hunt for scripted shows to fill the gaps, and get the network back in the black. One of the shows they have greenlit for the upcoming season is the new comedy Outsourced, and I’ve embedded the trailer for the show below. It’s based on the 2006 movie Outsourced, which I watched a la Netflix in December 2009.  Hmm, looking back, I should have written a more detailed review of the film. Ah well, I was more tight-lipped back then, based on all my years working at the CIA. 😉

I kinda liked the 2006 indie movie. It was a thoughtful satire that wasn’t perfect, but it had its moments when it tried to present the similarities and differences between cultures. This show looks to be going for cheap laughs, and I don’t see anything very smart about it. I’m embedding the 2006 movie trailer below, and you compare the difference in theme and tone. What do you think?

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