Joshua has joined his parents in eyeglassitude

Joshua's new eyeglasses

Joshua's new eyeglasses

Joshua has succumbed to his DNA. At his annual checkup this year, he had trouble with the vision test. I watched it happen, and I was unnerved. The doctor recommended we take him to see an opthamologist. That doctor also confirmed that Joshua would need corrective lenses. Sigh. I had this small hope that he would always be the happy little young boy who didn’t have to wear eyeglasses growing up. I started wearing eyeglasses in 2nd grade back in 1985, and I still don’t like them much.

We found some decent eyeglasses from Pearle Vision, and he seems to like them enough. We can’t be sure how well they’ve improved his vision, but he says so. I’ll post a picture here when I can. On the first Monday back to school, all the teachers told me that he now looks just like me. What, he didn’t look like me before?

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