Update on the car, and I’m renting a Chevy Impala this week

The Chevrolet Impala

The Chevrolet Impala

The latest update on my car is that it’s still in the body shop. According to the Toyota body shop, the insurance adjuster missed other car components that require repair or replacement. No comment, but oh well, I’m the one over a barrel here. The body shop estimates that the car will be ready either end of this week or early next week, but since it’s Wednesday, you would think they would know by now. Will it be ready in two days or not? Hmmmmm.

In the meantime, I’m working offsite in Jersey City again, so I needed a vehicle to travel to and from the train station. I’ve rented a car for the next five days, and got a Chevy Impala from Avis. I thought it would be an easy rental, but it took some time for Avis and my insurance company to “talk” to each other, and get the billing all set up. Due to logistics, my wife gave me a ride Monday morning to the train station, so that I could get to Jersey City. Late in the day, I walked over to the Avis rental counter at the Newport Mall to get the rental car.

It’s not a bad car, but a little sluggish. I like the radio, as it displays what channel each preset is set to. It also has satellite radio, but I’m not using it. I do find it odd that there are no courtesy or reading lights for the front seat. It’s not the biggest deal, but you know, am I “spoiled” by my last two cars by a reading light?

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