We need a “Save Better Off Ted” campaign pronto

Last month, I heard about a relatively new show called Better Off Ted on ABC. I forget exactly where I heard about it.  I think someone mentioned it was funny. I didn’t remember much in the way of ABC tv promos, but I searched for it, and watched a season 1 episode available on Hulu.

I am in love with this show, and frankly, I find it consistently better than The Office has been these days. This show has a fun ensemble cast, great writing, and is just a smart comedy. Meanwhile, ABC is apparently burning off episodes one after another, and not even bothering to market this show. I heard nothing about this show beforehand, so really, that kind of mistake is ABC’s fault.  What is with network television executives and their cliched stupid decisions? How can they get rid of good shows, and leave crap like According to Jim on the air since 2001?

If you search for news on Better Off Ted, you’ll find journalists and critics and regular Joe’s saying how great this show is, and that it is worth saving.

While it’s still available, watch the season 2 premiere “Love Blurts.” The company decides to dabble in eugenics by trying to hook up employees in order to save on health insurance.

I just started the first two mins of “The Great Repression” [also below] about sexual harassment, and it’s already great two mins in.

Watch the show.  Decide if you think this show is worth saving. Join the campaign with me! Facebook it! Tweet it! Email an idiot at ABC! Do something! Just don’t let dumb comedy win out.

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