Southland is another example of why network TV execs are stupid

I am shocked at how dumb network TV executives are, but I’m thinking the current senior management team at NBC should win some awards for myopia. We are all aware of the entire Jay Leno – Conan O’Brien fiasco, and there’s no need for me to elaborate.  Instead, I shall cite another example: Southland.

I missed Southland on NBC the first time around early last year. As I understand it, NBC aired the first season (7 episodes), then ordered additional episodes to kick off Season 2. Before season 2 premiered in October 2009, NBC cancelled Southland. TNT purchased the rights to 1st season, and the unaired episodes from the 2nd season. I watched the series pilot, and I was absolutely blown away by how good the show was. Gritty drama, tense action, great acting. Wow. Seriously blown away. Why would I want to watch the diminishing returns of former favorite Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, which has become more boring to me every additional season?

Southland on TNT

At the current moment, TNT will air all of the episodes, and they’ve posted all episodes online for your consideration. They have not ordered new episodes, pending ratings. If you are looking for gritty police drama that will hook you for an hour and pull no punches, check out Southland. I think it’s excellent.

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