Windows 7 themes are cool and free

One of the features that I love about Windows 7 are the many desktop themes that are freely available. If you haven’t found them yet, Microsoft offers a Windows 7 Personalization Gallery that offers many free ones for download. Windows 95 and later offered theme packs for purchase, but if you were cheap like me, you had to look online to find free ones of varying quality.

Arches National Park, Utah

Example free desktop -- Arches National Park, Utah

I recently read that when Windows 7 is initially installed, default themes are installed based on the time zone you select. For example, when you in the US install it from somewhere between the Eastern through the Pacific timezones, you automatically get the US theme. However, there are Indian, Korean, Taiwanese, South Africa themes and more free as well.

As a matter of fact, Computerworld recently published an article that Microsoft has opened up the development of desktop themes to advertisers. I don’t blame them, and think it’s a great idea. Consumers want high quality themes of their favorite products/movies/shows/etc, and corporations can provide that to them.

Check the link I provided to the gallery, open one that you like, and enjoy. I think the wallpapers themselves are absolutely gorgeous.

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