Veterans Day 2009

First off, I salute all of our surviving U.S. veterans, and commemorate those who have passed on. You have done a wonderful service for all of us.

I was off today, which was very nice. The kids were both at school today, and my wife was off making the bacon.  I had nowhere to go today, it was rainy, and I was perfectly comfortable hanging around at home.  After dropping off the kids to school, I watched some tv, I cleaned up the kitchen, the guest room, and the kids’ room. I also did the laundry, and vacuumed the entire house.

My friend Doug came over around 1:30pm, as he need some help rebuilding his laptop with his new copy of Windows 7. We ordered some Domino’s pizza for a late lunch, watched some tv, backed up his data to my PC first, rebuilt his laptop, and copied back his data last. We unfortunately ran out of time to install his applications, but I guess he’s on his own.  He, in turn, cleaned and scrubbed my aquarium tank, and so the aquarium is up and running again.  Now, we just need some fish!

Finally, my wife and I fed the kids, gave them bathes, and got them to bed. I’d call this a most productive day, which are my favorite kinds of days.  Yes, I actually like productive days over lazy days, as I feel like I’ve truly accomplished something.

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