I bought a PureSleep so my wife can sleep

What's going on when you snore

What's going on when you snore

Maybe it’s the weight gain, or the onset of old age.  In recent news, I’m snoring. A lot. This isn’t a dainty snore once in a while that women find attractive.  This is heaving snoring every night, and apparently disruptive to very beautiful women who attempt to sleep next to me. I can’t believe it, though.  I’m actually snoring. 

I tried one of those sleep strips you get from the store and attach to my nose, but that did nothing.  The deal with my snoring is that I can feel part of my throat resting lower, partially blocking my airway, and resulting in that snoring noise.  My wife is a light sleeper to begin with, so this has resulted in my wife getting very little restful sleep, and often driven her to another room.  Not fun.

If you see the diagram on the right, I realized that this is what is happening to me. No sleep strip is going to alleviate the problem.  What I saw on the PureSleep infomercial and website made a lot of sense.  Last week, I ordered the PureSleep. It arrive this weekend, and I tried it out Saturday night. 

The PureSleep

The PureSleep

It’s basically much like a a retainer that teenagers and some others have to wear in one’s sleep all night.  You boil the PureSleep device in hot boiling water for 60 seconds to make it malleable.  Wait 10 seconds for it to cool down slightly, then stick it in your mouth, and bite down hard for 45 seconds.  This makes an impression of your teeth into the device.  Take it out, and cool it down in cold water for a bit, which makes it harden up.  This whole process is important in order to customize it for your mouth.  In addition, the harder you bite down, the better the device and your teeth lock while you sleep.  With a proper fit, your mouth and the device lock, and this keeps your lower jaw from slipping backwards when you sleep.

I tried it Saturday night, and while it took some getting used to, I was still able to fall asleep, and it certainly worked. I had to take it out around 6am as a break, but I apparently started snoring again.  On Sunday night, I was able to keep the PureSleep in my mouth all night, and my wife told me she was able to sleep all night.

If you’re snoring, and you’re driving your spouse bonkers at night, do yourself and your spouse a favor.  Try the PureSleep. So far, it’s working great for me, and my wife is practically ecstatic.

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