A birthday party for Heidi and Pradeesh

On Saturday night, we packed up the kids into the car, and drove to the Marakesh Restaurant in Parsippany to meet up with the gang to celebrate recent birthdays for Heidi and Pradeesh.  Others had been here before, but it was the first time for us. Marakesh serves Moroccan cuisine, which I was a little worried about.  The last time I had moroccan cuisine was at a moroccan restaurant in Rutherford NJ 7-8 years ago.  It was so bad, I had sworn off the entire cuisine.

The food here at Marakesh was much better. We were situated in these large booths around teeny-tiny tables, which was a little awkward, but maybe more authentic?  Well, when in Morocco…… (or at a Moroccan restaurant in Parsippany.) The highlight was the belly dancer, which they feature as the live entertainment every Friday and Saturday night.  She was swell.  😉

Pictures are already posted online, so enjoy!

Heidi dancing with Gabby the belly dancer

Heidi dancing with Gabby the belly dancer

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