Halloween Parade & Friday Nite Out

Josh at the Holloween Parade

Josh at the Halloween Parade

I worked from home Friday, as we were expecting multiple critical packages in the mail today, as well as the kids’ annual Halloween Parade. You send the kids’ costumes in the morning to the daycare center, and the kids dress up and do a little parade outside (by class) for all the parents. So many parents show up with cameras and camcorders to capture the big moment, then each class has a party. Of course, you did your part by signing up for Munchkins, juices, cupcakes, etc.

Every month or so, the kids’ daycare hosts a “Friday Nite Out” event.  The kids get to hang out at school in the pajamas (the novelty excites them immensely), have dinner, and play from 7pm to 11pm.  Meanwhile, the parents get a well-deserved break to be a couple again. After an unusually long hiatus, they had another event, on the same day. Weird coincidence.  After the party ended, we took the kids home around 4:45pm, then they hung out at home, before we got them into their pajamas, and dropped them off to school around 7pm.

Sushi? Yes. Forehead? No.

Sushi? Yes. Forehead? No.

My wife and I were in the mood for Japanese cuisine, so we made reservations at a new place called Sunny Garden in Princeton. One of the reasons we selected this particular establishment, is that I signed up for the Hilton HHonors Dining program. Now as a Hilton HHonors member, if you sign up (for free) and register specific credit cards, every time you dine at a participating restaurant, you earn 5 bonus HHonors points for every dollar you spend.  Recently, they have been running a promotion where, if you sign up and eat at one of those restaurants, you earn bonus 1,000 HHonors points, in addition the regular 5 points per dollar you earn.

What I like about the program is that I don’t have to remember to put in a code, provide my HHonors membership number, or submit any documentation.  I registered one or more cards, so whenever I use them at a participating restaurant, I automatically will get the points.  We made sure we at a HHonors Dining restaurant Friday night, as we wanted the promotion bonus points as well.

Win win, I think. You know who didn’t win? The fish who died to make my sushi. Sucker. The food was excellent. They offer Chinese, Japanese, and Thai cuisine.  Even more interesting was the fact they also offer free Wi-Fi. I come for the excellent food, but I stay for the free broadband.

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