This weekend’s outdoor and indoor picnics

What’s up with the crazy weather this year?  It’s hot. It’s cold.  It’s beautifu.  It’s rainy and cold.  This year has been odd. It doesn’t help that the weekends go by so fast these days. We’re trying to enjoy our weekends more, and be less stressed out.  Stressed out? Yes, by trying to keep commitments to attend 101 events over 48 hours between Fridays and Mondays.

On Saturday afternoon, my sister and her husband held their annual “Spring Swing” BBQ party at their place.   We didn’t actually make it to the softball game, as most of the family took afternoon naps. By the time we made it there, it was close to 6pm.  Of course, we made it in time for the food, which is all that mattered to me.  By the time we finished cleaning up afterwards and got home, it was after midnight.  Always the sign of a good party.

On Sunday afternoon, we were supposed to picnic with friends over at Liberty State Park, but the weather didn’t cooperate.  Who wants to sit in the park on a windy day in 50 degree weather?  We moved the “picnic” to our friend Reeba’s nearby apartment. 

Last note on the weather — Memorial Day weekend is coming up, and the weather is slowly trending to good weather.  I hope the weather cooperates.  Saturday is the start of my week-long vacation, and I’m really looking forward to it!

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