World’s Greatest Hobby Model Train Show

I have always loved trains, and especially the miniature train sets that look so real.  The neighborhood train set on Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood with Trolley going past, Gomez Addams train set on the Addams Family…  I also loved watching up close the big Conrail freight trains go by down the street from the house I grew up in.  Even when I was in the womb, I used to pretend to be the train engineer.  🙂

I love how people can be so creative, and have so much patience, to create a miniature world.  Miniature children playing on playgrounds, realistic factories, towns, cars, lakes, rivers, bridges, etc.  It’s really some kind of neat. I would have a set, if we had more space in the house.  Of course, I don’t think I have the patience or skills to carve the buildings and trees and such out of styrofoam like these guys do.

I saw a tv commercial for the World’s Greatest Hobby Model Train Show last week, and my head just popped up, ears listening attentively.  What?   A model train show?  My wife had no interest, but she was supportive to let me take Josh to the Valley Forge area to see the show.

It was a pretty neat show — so many models, so many sets, all put together by model railroad clubs in the Pennsylvania and South Jersey areas.  The details were absolutely neat, such as the the flashing lights on at train crossings, the bridges, the tunnels.  Man, oh man. The show featured:

  • 50,000 sq ft. of Huge Operating Model Railroad Railroads (lots of model railroad clubs.)
  • They had a giant Thomas the Tank Engine riding train for kids (Josh’s favorite part.)
  • 200 Booths of Manufacturers and retailers (but we didn’t end up buying anything.)
  • A room with 100 Thomas the Tank trainsets for Kids to play with (I let Josh play for 45 mins.)

Model Railroad Train Show

Photos will be published when I get the disposable camera film developed.

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