Momma’s Boys – Monday nights on NBC

Has anyone seen Momma’s Boys?  It’s a new reality show on NBC.  I caught the last 30 mins of this show.  Anyone care to comment?  I was mostly shocked at the racist undertones from two of the mothers.  Isn’t it 2009?  Does anyone else find it uncomfortable that “Mrs. B” is really bothered that her son is kissing “a black girl”?  Two of the mothers on this show were stereotypically opinionated mothers.  Do a lot of mothers sound/act like this, or is it just TV?

On a related note, I was discussing with my wife a short while ago the notion that everyone finds their own parents annoying.  Not that my parents or your parents are necessarily bad people, but our collective parents have annoying quirks that really push our buttons.

The reason I bring this up is that I think my wife and I are normal 30-somethings, but in about 15-20 years, our sweet little kids are going to be discussing how annoying they think we are.  I know nobody is perfect, but how are we going to be annoying?  I wouldn’t necessarily think we are, but the fact is, they’re going to think we’re annoying.

Discuss.   🙂

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