Console wars in my head

Call me crazy.  Ok, stop calling me crazy.

I’ve been considering the pros and cons, benefits and disadvantages, wants and needs, should I or shouldn’t I of buying a console game system.  Specifically, an Xbox 360 or Playstation 3.  I generally like playing PC games, as it helps me wind down on the weekends or at night.  I’ve been a PC gamer for years, playing single games on my own, and multiplayer games with my friends.  Sure, I dabbled with the original 8-bit Nintendo, but I’ve always favored the PC games.  Real-time strategy, first-person shooter, etc.

The predicament is that a PC reaches obsolesence after a few years, and I’m at the juncture where I decide how much more to upgrade, or to forgo the PC upgrades, and get a console system, which doesn’t require upgrading.  My PC is great for regular use and most intense games up to 2006/2007.  All the newer games would benefit if I upgraded to a dual or quad core CPU, heftier video card, and a newer power supply. Heck, a larger monitor would be peachy.

Here lies the conundrum.  How much free time do I have to actually play games?  Once in a while, sure.  Used to be more, until all the little Ipes started running around, and I have a fully developed family that I want to spend time with.  We also have one TV, so I’d be time-sharing when my wife and kids wanted to watch TV and chill out.  I have tasks/chores like anyone else to do around the house.  Finally, I have a lot of objectives at work that I want to hit this year, including finally getting certified as a CISSP.

These are what whittle away my free time on a daily basis.  What does that leave me?  Playing a game after midnight on a Saturday night, after everyone has gone to sleep?  Hmmmmm.  I don’t know.  I want, but I don’t know if it would really benefit me.  Of course, even playing on the weekends would be fun, but wouldn’t I want to snuggle with my wife?

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