“How I got taken by a work-at-home scam”

I once sold knives for two months one summer when I was in college.  What an unrewarding experience, but I was desperate for cash, and had found one of those promising flyers in a lecture hall during Finals week. Anyway, if you are ever tempted to sign up after seeing a “Work from home!” advertisement, don’t do it.  Read this — How I got taken by a work-at-home scam.

“Scammers are busier than ever because tough economic times are making people more desperate to make money”, says Christine Durst, CEO of Staffcentrix, a company specializing in home-based careers that sifts through home-based job leads every day.

Durst says people are searching more for home-based jobs to save money on gas, clothing and child care. Seniors are also looking to supplement their dwindling retirement income.

Durst says Staffcentrix researchers screen about 5,000 home jobs leads every week, and there is a “54-to-1 scam ratio.”

“This means that for every 55 [work-at-home] leads we investigate, only one passes our legitimacy standards,” she said.

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