Skynet’s next Terminator is a sewing machine

Listen, I know that sewing technology has evolved over the centuries.  We had sewing by hand, spindles, the loom, foot-pumped sewing machines, and the modern electric models you and I are most familiar with.  Blame my naivete, but I had no idea that the industry was still revolutionizing the modern home sewing machine.  Check out the Brother Quattro 6000D, as noted by Engadget.

Brother Quattro 6000D

Brother Quattro 6000D

  • A 4.5 x 7-inch Sharp HD LCD display and embedded runway lighting.
  • A camera right next to the needle to give the user a birds-eye view on the LCD to allow perfect placement before stitching.
  • Advanced embroidery features and built-in tutorials.
  • 3 USB ports.

If Captain Kirk gets a tear in his tunic, he can use this to sew it right up, right as rain.

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