Recent purchases – RAM, movies, not Ramen movies

I picked up some new stuff this week.  I got Ratatouille and Wall-E on DVD for Josh….and myself.  The Wall-E DVD comes with a coupon to download a free digital copy (e.g. Apple’s iTunes store), as did The Dark Knight DVD I received for Christmas from my secret Santa. Speaking of which, I am officially done with purchasing DVDs from brick-and-mortar stores.  I’ve said it before, but I’m more official now.  Wall-E on DVD at Target is $34, and $37 after taxes.  I found the same exact 3-disc Wall-E set on for just $22.  With Ratatouille @ $19, and free Super Saver Shipping, the total was just $43.  For $6 more than I would have spent at Target, I got two Pixar movies.  Egregious.  I’m more Mr. Online Shopping than ever now.

In other news, I’m rebuilding my Dad’ PC next week.  That includes wiping it out, putting on a fresh install of Windows XP, and installing an additional 2 Gb of RAM.  I remember when PC memory used to be so expensive back in the early 90’s.  Adding a few Mbs of RAM would cost you hundreds of dollars.  I’m adding 2Gbs of RAM for just over $23.  My Dad’s PC only has 512 Mb of system memory, so I think it will only help.

I thought about how cheap the memory was, thought about the 1 Gb of system memory that I have, and ordered some for my Dell as well.  Hey, I don’t know about you, but $23 is a bargain. It arrives Tuesday.

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